GJ teaches us Biochem ThermoD,
To take extra classes he is ever ready;
Classes are in no way interesting,
So useless you don’t even feel like crashing!

Grabs B-slot classes does he,
Makes everyone mad, not just me.
Calls backbenchers upfront,
For junta who talk, his eyes hunt.

Takes attendance once in a blue moon,
And he is as unpredictable as a goon,
Keeps tests for those who bunk,
Makes you feel you are gonna flunk.

He keeps talking about igs & bars,
Making you feel as if you’re from Mars,
Derives stupid relations in a long way,
Only to discover somewhere he’s gone astray.

Till last, the course was with chem,
A prof who is no less than a gem,
Him not taking for us is a crime,
I guess its just our bad time..

He complains we dont know how to approximate,
Yet another reason him we hate;
We hope to get out with a decent grade,
And tell yourself some progress we made…

GJ teaches BT junta courses in 3rd and 4th sem. This was written after the 3rd sem course.. So, you can imagine my plight after the end of the 4th sem…