The even semester is back,
In events it does not lack;
There is a lot to look forward to,
Enjoy them lest, later, you should rue.

None can refute that the classes are dull,
Unlike others, there aint any hols for Pongal.
The month of Jan is a bolt out of the blue,
The month end is what all look forward to…

Saarang is held all over Republic Day,
Patriotic feelings are all kept at bay;
A festive mood hangs in the air,
‘Tis for the MCC girls, most care.

CLT is transformed into Bindaas Park,
The hot spot to look for is no more Quark;
There is music to dance to and informals to play,
Bump into a long lost friend, you sure may.

OAT becomes the stage for budding rock stars,
It also plays host to few music czars;
You just cant be sure who the centre of attention is,
It could be an Anna girl or the MCC miss..

The Pro-Shows draw large audience,
To be hysterical, the mood tends;
Popular events are jam and Miss Saarang,
The audience cheer with the full power of their lungs.

Enough said about IITM’s cul-fest,
That some have even come to detest;
The elections are next on the list,
To the prevailing situation, they add a twist.

Campaigning is done, but at what price?
Regionalism rears its ugly head in this exercise;
The posts of cul-secs are fiercely contested,
Apart from anything else, you need a real cool head.

This is soon followed by the hostel nights,
Fun and frolic to go with food and lights;
RGs are prepared and toasts are also made,
Golden memories are preserved, lest they fade.

Talk of apps and placememnts is widespread,
Confused, you find many scratching their head;
Everyone looks forward to IIM calls,
And give treats in restaurants and malls.

As a few seniors take leave,
A big sigh of relief some heave!!
Old memories come rushing back,
Everyone’s progress, you try to keep track.

The memories make many teary eyed,
There is no place for the emtions, to hide;
The paucity of time strikes you hard,
With great memories, your mind is scarred.

Freshies and 2nd yrs alike, put hazaar fight,
Become Shaastra or Saarang co-ords, they might;
For many, it is a matter of great pride,
Whether its of any use, only time will decide.

The sun starts beating down in March,
The soil of Mother Earth, it does parch;
Afty classes become even more boring,
While the prof hopes no one is snoring!!

The end sems finish in a week or so,
Non-acad activities reach a new low.
All look forward to the summer hols,
It promises lots of boredom in (the) long haul(s).

Wrote it sometime in 4th sem beginning when classes were quite boring and Saarang was still THE thing to look forward to..