The grass may be greener on the other side,
But at stake most times is your own pride,
Gotta be content with what you got,
But better things are always worth a shot!

There is no point in fret and fume,
It can only lead to your own doom.
One cant afford not to learn from the past,
And you have no choice but to be fast.

Why I write these lines I dont know
Its not that I am feeling down or low;
A lot of thoughts run through my mind,
Of each and every conceivable kind.

I keep denying the reality,
Whats with this mentality?
I sit at a saddle point now,
Reach I did this point how?

Time to pull myself up of this,
After all, it aint a state of bliss.
I’ve done it quite a few times before,
Let me do it before it becomes even more…

One of those poems that reflects my state of mind at the time of writing.. the moody me..