Four long years of sharing cycles and toothpaste,
And waking up for the 8 o clock class in haste;
Of bunking classes and taking pride in grand slams,
In this place filled with gults, northis, digs & tams!

Lectures get boring with every year,
No quiz or end sem ever brings any cheer..
Putting endless fart at the mess table,
Every inch showing off your btech label..

All the time, known to all by that singular nick,
All the time, looking for that non-existent campus chick!
All the time, finding new ways to get proxy,
All the time, outwitting the prof by being foxy..

Taking and giving treats is part of the game,
Some only the former without any shame..
Cribbing almost becomes an inborn trait,
Every single thing throws up a new bait!

Midnight fart sessions are ever lost in time,
Bunking classes as a result is no big crime;
Wing fart is one thing not to be missed,
Though it may make a few really pissed.

Sangam, Schroeter and fun are all the same,
Whether its cricket, footer or any other game!
No less is the studness on show in LitSoc,
Two good reasons why insti life rock(s).

Sharing the space with the so called non males,
Who ensure that floating around are enough tales..
By chance or choice, put up right next to lib,
Everyone agrees they are quite a strange tribe!

Shaastra and Saarang add to the great times,
Enough things happen to make up such rhymes!
It all ends abruptly after a period of four years,
Leaving none strong enough not to shed tears…

PS: the absence of any mention of guru is, hopefully, striking but then I couldn’t find any word that rhymes well with guru/gnath or the like 😦
PPS: This is quite incomplete in many respects. Put comment if you can suggest improvements

I’d like to thank every single person who has made my stay over the past 4 years on campus memorable and cherished! I’d like to single out a few, in no specific order, who have been more than just friends to me over the years and made every single minute worth living and remembering:
Ankit, Leftit, Aditi, Sameer, Pavan, Aishwarya, Rohit, Purvi, Raghu, Kshitij, Nikhil, Jimmy, (and of course!) Bhaand. And every single of the BT gumbal of 2004/Narmad (Shoban, Harsha, Cupax, Vikram, Santhu) who have helped make my stay in the department/hostel as fun as it has been! Thanks to everyone else in no small measure too!