Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.

Yes, I am thinking Wear sunscreen..


Exposed to the elements is she,
Taking umbrage in her interiors am I….
A wash and a wax makes her glee,
Oh how beautiful looks she!

Me with her

She is my close mate of 4 months, since June 2009..

It is time for quizzes yet again,
In the ass, it is sometimes a pain.
To catch up with acads, its a chance,
You know, like a short flirty romance.

Much closer becomes the stud in the other wing,
Xeroxed notes take prime place as the in thing;
Setting the Guru registers ringing,
Friends praise, few are heard signing.

PPTs and fundaes are given and taken,
Over dinner tables, problems are spoken,
Getting up early becomes so easy,
While some try to feign being queasy.

Lib turns into a muggu beehive,
Thanks to them, its still alive.
For some, it always remains a strict no-no,
Their abilities, they claim, it brings to a low.

Seniors have just one or two,
They are the fortunate few.
Far tougher quizzes await them,
Be it elec, meta, BT or chem!

Rhymezone wasn’t used for this one,
I write somethings just for vague fun.
I know you wont call this poetry,
But did I ever ask you to?

The last 2 lines intentionally left non-rhyming

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The quizzes are finally done,
Its time for some elections fun,
There’s gonna be lots of bickering,
One amongst us is in the reckoning!

Assignments to get done with,
Thankfully none to submit on the fifth,
A surprise quiz in store,
Which none of us adore.

Will the industrial trip come true?
Possible dates are far and few,
A night to socialize and one more,
To bring our care for seniors to the fore.

Its gonna be a hectic month ahead,
How long will we make this thread?
What comments will it elicit?
Or will it any response at all solicit?

Trying my hand at a repeat of a similar one written during the 4th sem.. First post on a new thread amongst the BT gumbal

Welcome dear reader,
I dont claim to be a leader,
Not that I cant be one,
Its easier said than done!

Wondering what this be?
And who be that he?
Answers are easy to find,
Such arbitness you should not mind..

Welcome aboard my world of verse!
Than most school poems, it might be worse.
Meaningless does it sound?
In words its going to abound…

The qunitessential Me