I am in Narmad’s 7th wing,
The rooms have no bells to ring,
Each room has enough space for three,
The wing, in gen, is busy as a bee.

There’s leftit who’s so thin,
You might mistake him for a pin,
He is the wing’s enthu gay gult god,
Taru, his roomie, is like a tiny fat pod.

They share their room with Boshidi,
I wonder if he has a Didi..
Anima, Theory & Jimmy are their neighbours,
I doubt if Jimmy is a him or a her.

Two in meta and one in aero,
Theory looks like he’s lost his bone marrow,
Anima has his own age-old comp,
Which me maintains without much pomp.

The next room houses Cupax, Gigolo and Semen,
Often it is filled with gults numbering ten,
Cupax & Semen in elec, and Jiggs in BT,
The odd one out is me.
Cupax is straight out of Kota,
Semen, sometimes, is a PITHA. (phew, i surely wouldnt say the same now.. wonder what made me say it then!)

Sadhu, next room, is in CompSci,
I heard he’s a big fan of Brett Lee,
Dakkan and Chamya are quiet boys,
Never dare to raise their voice,
Chamya is good at dance,
Dakkan always looks like he’s in a trance.

270 has Psycho, Sai Kiran & Nil, 2 CS & a civil,
To stay with such roomies, you need power of will.
Psycho is hated by all,
Junta, north or south, short or tall.
Nil is alter-ego of Semen,
Sai’s friends come here gen.

Karthikeyan n Bal Subs mug all the time,
Now, isn’t that an unpardonable crime?
BalSubs isn’t in the room almost always,
He is to found only during quiz days.
Vamshi is at the other end of the spectrum,
He sometimes appears like a scum.

Cancer has a pseud comp,
To go with a high-funda cell,
Mukund is also known as LKB,
Not much of interest is he.
Petu, with a nice belly, is in Chem,
Like all, he’s in his second sem.

The Nigam bros have great friends of the fairer sex,
Surprisingly, neither of them wear specs. (Pardon my want to rhyme πŸ˜›)
Thanu is affectionately called Om,
He too makes frequent visits home.

Prasanna never attends class,
A pseud laptop he has;
Naresh in Civil & Harsh in EP,
The former you rarely see.

The last room has KT, Rakesh & Paedo,
Interaction among them is very low,
Paedo is unlike anyone else,
KT is amongst the gults, who else?!?

Wrote this one in 2nd sem, when the enthu to write poems was just catching on.. Sincere apologies to anyone whose feelings are hurt but I dint mean any!